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Create Your Own PCB

PCB Layout Clean Up

There are times the PCB designer has to delete tracks in their entirety that are already created, or some fragment thereof. If necessary, you can remove the track or its segment in one of the following ways:

  • To delete one segment, click on the desired track segment to select it then press the Delete key to delete it.
Single-segment removal
Fig. 1 - Single-segment removal
  • To delete an entire track, click on one of the segments of the track that needs to be removed. Once selected, press the Tab key to completely select the track. Remove it by pressing the Delete key.
Entire track removal
Fig. 2 - Entire track removal
  • To delete a group of tracks, select the segments of all the tracks you want to delete using right-to-left selection. Then press the Tab key to select them. Press the Delete key to remove all selected tracks.
Track group removal
Fig. 3 - Track group removal

Also, you can slice tracks, which is useful when you need to route a group of signals in a different direction from a particular location. To do this, select Edit > Slice Tracks from the main menus; a crosshair will be attached to the cursor. Click and hold then swipe the tracks as if you were cutting them. Altium Designer displays the location where the slice will be made.

Track slicing
Fig. 4 - Track slicing


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