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What is an Altium 365 Workspace?

An Altium 365 Workspace is a dedicated and secure Altium 365 environment for your company. In this environment, you can store, version, and organize your design data and collaborate with other ECAD professionals, as well as with project participants from other domains, such as MCAD, manufacturing, management, and procurement. Workspace owners and administrators control who has access to the workspace; it is possible to invite users from within your company and contributors from outside of your organization.

Fig. 1 - Altium 365 Workspace

For those used to storing design data on a local server, it might be easier to think about an Altium 365 Workspace as your office LAN server hosted on the cloud. You can store all of your data in one centralized location, but because it is hosted on the cloud, you can also connect to it from anywhere without needing to VPN into your network or worry about maintenance.

Your organization must be on an Altium subscription plan to activate and use a workspace. If your organization does not yet have an active workspace, you can activate one by following the link below.

If your organization already has a workspace, you can send a request to join to the workspace administrator.

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