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Version Control

Migrating to Altium 365 from external version control systems

Migrate projects from a third-party version control provider to Altium 365 while preserving the history of commits.

Users benefit from full data management capabilities in Altium 365 for their projects (e.g., domain, full project history, visual comparison of changes, and configuration of permissions in a single place) without losing change history (traceability).

Supported version control systems

  1. Subversion (SVN) 
  2. Git

Supported scenarios

  • Migration during the "Make available online" operation.
  • Migration of existing Altium 365 projects using external version control through the following:
  1. Version Control menu
  2. Project History
  3. Project Options

Detailed how-to guide

  • Migration during "Make available online"

Open your project stored in SVN or Git repository.

Connect to Altium 365 Workspace.

Right-click on the project (in the Projects panel) and select Make Available Online.

Enable the option Migrate to Altium 365 Versioned Storage.

Confirm the operation.

Fig.1 - Make Available Online
  • Migration of existing online projects to Altium 365 Storage

Connect to Altium 365 Workspace.

Open the project controlled by an external Version Control provider and link with your Altium 365 Workspace:

  1. Right-click on the project (in the Projects panel) and select Version Control » Migrate Project to Altium Versioned Storage.
  2. Open the Project menu and select History » Migrate Sources to Altium 365 Storage.
  3. Open the Project Options menu and select Migrate to Altium 365 Versioned Storage on the General tab.

Confirm the operation.

Fig. 2 - Migrate Project to Altium Versioned Storage
Fig. 3 - Migrate Project to Altium Versioned Storage - Sucessfull


  • How your project is moved

After that, you can open Project History and observe that the commits from your original repository are listed.

Please note that the first time you open Project History, you may see that data is calculated for all commits. The system needs time to process commits on the server and show differences between them. Please allow 5–10 minutes to see the results.

Fig. 4 - Update Whole Project Screen


Fig. 5 - Update local project folder screen
  • New version control on other machines and/or other users

When someone in the Workspace team migrates a project to Altium Versioned Storage, they need to ensure other collaborators update their local project copies.

During migration, Altium Designer executes a commit to the original repository to set a mark for a project so it can be recognized as having been migrated by other instances of Altium Designer on team member machines.

Other users should update project sources by selecting Version Control » Update the whole project.

After the local project copy is up to date, Altium Designer will advise you to update the link to the repository. Please follow the instructions and finish the project update.

Known limitations
  • Git

Repositories that contain multiple PCB projects are not supported.

It is recommended that the *.PrjPcb file should be located in the root folder of the repository. A fix during migration has been proposed so that if the project file is not located in the root, you will still be able to migrate the project.

  • SVN

Suppose your repository contains multiple projects after migration. In this case, a new project folder needs to be created outside of the SVN working copy as the Altium 365 Workspace storage is Git-based, and a Git repository cannot be stored inside the SVN working copy.

Commits that include an external file relative to the project folder may not be adequately shown as only project folder-related commits are migrated.

“File” protocol is not supported.

Performance expectations

Migration takes approximately 3 minutes for a simple project with two schematics and one PCB, with 50 commits in the repository.
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