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Component and Library Management

Component and Model Validation

Altium 365 provides automatic validation of components and their models according to the options set in the Data Management > Component Rule Checks page of the Preferences dialog. 

Create a new component by right-clicking in the top region of the Components panel then choose Operations > Create or Operations > Clone.

Tip: When using the Create command, select the component type in the Create new component dialog that opens.

The component editor opens. Enter the component data, as shown below. Leave the Description field empty and set Template and Type to None.

Component Parameters
Fig. 1 - Component Properties

Save the changes.

Choose Tools > Component Rule Check from the main menus.

Component Rule Check Command
Fig. 2 - Component Rule Check Command

The Messages panel displays any errors.

Errors Displayed in the Messages Panel
Fig. 3 - Errors displayed in the Messages panel

Saving a component in Altium 365 validates it automatically. All component data, as well as model parameters, are verified. Let’s look at an example.

In the component editor, click on the icon button associated with the symbol.

In the editor that opens, change the number of the first output to a larger value.

Update output designation
Fig. 4 - Update output designation

Make the component tab active then save the changes in the local version. Choose File > Save to Server from the main menus. In the Messages panel that opens, there will be errors caused by the symbol creation.

Errors Caused by Symbol Creation
Fig. 5 - Errors caused by symbol creation

Correct the errors then send the changes to the server using icon (Save current document as new revision in server) located in the top left corner of the design space. 

The system now finds no errors and allows you to release the new component to Altium 365.

Saving the new component to Altium 365
Fig. 6 - Saving the new component to Altium 365

As this process demonstrates, using the Altium 365 platform reduces the probability of creating components with incorrect parameters or models.

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