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Component and Library Management

Creating a New Component

Creating a new component in the Altium 365 library uses the default template. Each component type has its default template. You can use the default template, modify it, or create one from scratch. The template has a certain set of parameters and models and reserves a server location.

In the Components panel, right-click, then select Operations > Create.

The Create command
Fig. 1 - The Create command

In the Create new component dialog, select the type of component by double-clicking on the component type or click on a component type then click OK. The component editor opens.  

Component Type Selection
Fig. 2  - Component Type Selection

Let's complete in the fields in the component editor. Start entering the component name and select the appropriate option from the drop-down list (06032C471JAT2A). The component Name, Description, Parameters, and models are now automatically filled in using the Octopart database.

Component Name
Fig. 3  - Component Name

Expand the Advanced Settings list to verify field completion.

Tip: It is recommended you do not change the entries in the Advanced Settings region because the new component will have a set of specific parameters depending on the component type that was selected in step 2.

Advanced Settings
Fig. 4  - Advanced Settings

Filling out the component parameters and the selection or creation of models is carried out in the same way as in the component cloning operation described in the Cloning an Existing Component Chapter.

Tip: During the migration of the library into Altium 365, the component models are not included in the template. We recommend that you create and use your own templates to create new components.

Complete the Parameters and Part Choices
Fig. 5  - Complete the Parameters and Part Choices

Save your changes by clicking icon (Save current document as new revision in server). The component is now ready for use in the project.

 Created Component
Fig. 6  -  Created Component
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