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BOM Portal Issues Panel

In this article, we examine the BOM Portal Issues Panel. Our objective is is to show the uses and features of the BOM Portal issues panel, which are:

  • To clearly and precisely identify all BOM issues. 
  • These issues are centrally located, clearly organized, and easy to navigate.
  • These issues are broken down into specific categories by manufacturer lifecycle, compliances, supply chain, and sourcing.

The only constant you have in your PCB design is a chain, and it's becoming more and more difficult to design a PCB successfully. What this means is that you often have to design a product that your customers will be able to use for years to come. The Issues Panel nicely captures these constant changes in the design process. This information changes every single day, especially in the sourcing of your components.
Having this knowledge is half the battle.

Issues Panel


Manufacturer Lifecycle

The first one we wish to take a look at is the manufacturer lifecycle. In this area, it looks at the components that are reaching end of life. Your first indicator that a component should not be used in the design is it will give you a warning saying not recommended for new designs.

When this occurs. It is best practice to find a replacement. It is also beneficial for you to identify the product lines that these components may be used in the next area.

MFG Lifecycle


This area identifies components that do not have REACH or RoHS compliance. Keep in mind that RoHS has been adopted and is required in several states in the US we recommend researching to confirm what is required for your project. 


Supply Chain

As a recap about the information from the Supply Chain Panel (discussed in another article). This is what we refer to as dynamic information in the process since it is constantly changing. Many times, especially in extreme part shortage situations, supply chain information changes constantly. What makes it worse is part vendors giving favorable privilege to larger companies.  

Supply Chain

BOM Data

Ensuring that the BOM has all the required data is the purpose of this banner. The recommendation is especially for discrete components where you have 5-10 possible part choices. This will support any changes that might occur in the supply chain as mentioned earlier.

BOM Data

Managed Components

Making sure that only managed components are used in a design is vital. Since having multiple libraries that are not managed causes several significant problems for both designers and part procurement. It also highly increases the risk of having wrong footprints. So making sure that every component is a valid managed component is essential. 

Managed Components


This banner looks at any possible problems with the component parameters,



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