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Design Collaboration

Tasks in Altium 365

This feature is only available with the Pro and Enterprise Subscription Levels. To discover the benefits of the Altium Designer Subscription Levels, please visit Altium Designer Subscription Levels

The Tasks feature brings lightweight task tracking to further enhance design collaboration in Altium 365. With Tasks, you will never lose an important action item and easily gain a high-level view of the state of your project, all without leaving your design environment.

Accessing Tasks in the Altium 365 Workspace

You can access Tasks for a single project in the workspace or for all workspace projects.

Tasks for All Projects: To view the tasks for all projects, click Tasks on the left-hand side menu. You will see the task board and all tasks grouped by project.

Fig.1 - Tasks for All Projects

Specific Project Tasks: In the Altium 365 Workspace, navigate to the left-hand side menu and click Projects. Select a project and then click Tasks. You will see only the tasks included in this project, grouped according to each document.

Fig. 2 - Specific Project Tasks

Task Board: The board consists of 3 columns: To Do, In Progress, and Resolved. Grab a task and drop it into the desired column to move the task between statuses. This simple visualization offers a great deal of transparency about the distribution of tasks.

Fig. 3 - Task Board

Create a Task in the Design: You can use the commenting feature to assign a task to yourself or to someone else when you place a comment in the design. You can:

  • Add details in the comment box
  • Assign the task to yourself or others using the checkbox “Assign a task to”
  • Convert a comment into a task
  • Set the status (To Do, In Progress or Resolved)
  • Go to the previous or next comment by clicking on the arrows “<” or “>”
    Fig. 4 - Create a Task in the Design


Tip: You can convert a comment to a task or edit, delete or copy a task link using the More Options more options icon located on the upper right-hand side of the task dialog box.
Fig. 5 - Options menu for the comment/task

Create a General Task in the Design: You can create a general task using the new button on the top left-hand side of the task board. In this case, the tasks are assigned to the project itself.

Fig. 6 - General Task

Assign Task: Check the box to assign the task to yourself or any other person by expanding the suggestion list by clicking on the arrowbutton when you place a comment. When you @mention a user on a task, you will see a checkbox asking whether you want to assign the task to that user. You can also convert a comment into a task using the menumenu, as mentioned above.

Reassign Task: To reassign a task, select Assignee from the side menu. Choose an assignee or search for people. If a user doesn't have access to the project, their username will not appear in the list.

Fig. 7 - Reassigning a Task

Task Status: You can neatly track the tasks according to their working statuses. To change the status of a task, locate the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Select a status from the Status drop-down box, or leave it as is. You can also move the card between the columns.

Fig. 8 - Task Status

Task History: The task history gives you a full breakdown of the entire history of your task—who changed what and when. You can also add an item or comment or @mention others in the timeline.

Fig. 9 - Task History

Task Priority: Priority levels can be assigned after a task is created. To change the priority in the side menu, select Priority. There are four categories: Highest, High, Medium, Low.

Fig. 10 - Task Priority

Tasks in Altium Designer: All comments and tasks are listed in the Comments and Tasks Panel, with the ability to filter by tasks only.

Fig. 11 - Comment and Tasks Panel

Double click on the TaskID in the Comments and Tasks Panel in Altium Designer to open the task board automatically on Altium 365's Web Viewer interface.

Fig. 12 - Opening the Task Board from Altium Designer

You can associate design changes when committing the file to version control adding the TaskID to the commit comment. The system automatically links them and displays an appropriate message indicating task details and project history.

Fig. 13 - Adding a task to a commit comment


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