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Altium 365 Getting Started User Guide
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Welcome to the Altium 365 Getting Started User Guide. Prepare to experience the most connected experience for PCB design and realization. Seamlessly accessible from Altium Designer or any internet connected device. Available with Altium Subscription.
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Altium 365 Workspace
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An integral part of the Altium 365 cloud-based infrastructure platform, the Workspace is a dedicated server for all your managed content. While working with an existing design, you will learn:
  • How to make projects available online
  • How to migrate project components
  • How to replace the components in your project with identical ones from Altium 365
  • How to allow access to your project
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Whether you are working with internal team members, or sharing design files with external vendors, maintaining all of your design data in a single place ensures consistency and accessibility. Altium 365 provides a secure cloud platform to store all of your design files in a single place, so you can share them with anyone and access them from anywhere. Learn more about placing, storing, and working with projects in Altium 365.
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Once you have a project in your Altium 365 Workspace, it is time to start working with cloud components. All components are distributed into functional Component Categories, making navigation and component search more convenient than ever. Learn more about the creation and usage of cloud components in projects. 
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Version Control in Altium 365
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With Altium 365 Design Collaboration, you can visually collaborate and your comments provide you instant access and complete visibility to any design changes, so your explanations are all in one place.
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Built to address the challenges of electronic product design by enabling seamless collaboration between your electrical and mechanical engineers.
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Watch on-demand webinars for the most important concepts for Altium 365.