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Altium 365 BOM Portal

BOM Portal Dashboard Panel

The BOM Portal Dashboard Panel is compelling and offers tremendous information. This content aims to demonstrate its purposes, uses, and features.

The primary purpose of this panel is to consolidate all the information for your BOM in a central location. This information is displayed with colorful charts in BOM health, manufacturability, compliance, supply chain, and factory lead times.

Fig-1 Dashboard Panel

Dashboard Structure 

The dashboard's structure is unique in that it first has charts and then has a view of your complete BOM in table form. You can easily change the view based on either or go to the table or charts.

Fig-2 Dashboard Structure

BOM Health

This is very nice because it consolidates all the information throughout the BOM portal into a nice, convenient graph. This is broken down according to manufacturability, procureability, and compliance.

Fig-3 BOM Health

Manufacturability Chart

The Manufacturability Chart is broken down into two parts. First, the lifecycles of the components, seeing if they've been discontinued or not recommended for new designs. We also see unknown ones. The other side of the manufacturability chart is the alternate components and the amount of your BOM covered by those components.

Fig-4 Manufacturability

Compliance Chart

The compliance this is broken down according to RoHS or REACH.  You can drill down into the information in your BOM and see the details of exactly which component has certain issues. Keep in mind that ROHS and REACH are driven by certificates that must be verified and have expiration dates on them. Furthermore, there are changes that occur to RoHS requirements.

Fig-5 Compliance Chart

Supply Chain Chart

The supply chain Chart is broken down into two areas which is your BOM coverage and availability. In the BOM coverage, it looks at your suppliers who you intend to purchase the components from. It also identifies those components that might be constantly changing so it's very important as you're running through your project to constantly be looking at your supply chain availability and make sure there aren't any changes. 

Fig-6 Supply Chain Chart

Factory Lead Time

The most exciting panel in the Dashboard is the factory lead time. This provides a great view of your design and project and where it stands now. Factory lead team is driven by your BOM settings and the due date that you have set. This will identify components that fall outside of the due date criteria it will then place those on the chart based on when the expected arrival time is. 

Fig-7 Factory Lead Time


It's now time to consider purchasing the components, which is conveniently done through the Octocart feature in BOM portal. The Octocart directly connects to any of your suppliers, allowing you to conveniently order the components you need at any time.


Fig-8 OctoCart
Fig-9 OctoCart Results


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