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Component and Library Management

Selecting Part Choices

In the Part Choices region of the Components panel, there is a link to a vast database that provides up-to-date manufacturer price and availability information directly from hundreds of global suppliers.

When you create a new or edit an existing component, you can use ready-made components with parameters and models from the Octopart database.

Tip: Part Choices is located in the Details region of the Components panel. If the Details section is not open, click ico-info.

The Part Choices region can be empty or consist of one or more references. Entries in this section were added to components in Altium 365 when transferring and migrating the project library; however, you can always update or correct entries. Part choices can be used and added to the ActiveBom document, described in future chapters.

Fig.1 - The Part Choices region
To edit (add) the Part Choices, right-click on the component in the central grid region of the Components panel, then choose Operations/Create/Edit PCL (Part Choices List) from the context menu.
Fig.2 - The Create/Edit PCL command
In the Edit Part Choices dialog that opens, you can add a new entry by clicking Add. To delete it, select the entry the click ico-del.
Fig.3 - The Edit Part Choices dialog

To add a new entry, click the Add button. The Add Part Choices dialog opens.

Fig.4 - The Add Part Choices dialog

Tip: The search filter already contains text from the parameters depending on the setting on the Data Management - Parts Providers page of the Preferences dialog, as explained below.

We recommend reserving one of its parameters for the part choice search when creating a component. It can be Name, Description, or one of the user parameters.

Next, let’s customize the part choice auto-complete search field. Click the ico-dev at the top right of the Add Part Choices dialog then select Parts Providers Preferences to open the Data Management - Parts Providers page of the Preferences dialog.
Fig.5 - Part Providers Preference

The Data Management - Parts Providers page of the Preferences dialog opens. In the Suggested Keywords region, there are three default options for manufacturer part searches: Comment, Description, and Name. You can set the priority by selecting a Parameter Name then click Move Up or Move Down to change the priority. Use the additional buttons below the region to Add new entries, or Edit or Remove current entries. For example, in the image below, we have set the highest priority for the Name parameter.

Fig.6 - Customize the search parameters
Repeat the process of adding part choices with the updated search preferences. A list of components is displayed. Select a component then click ico-info to open the Details region, which displays parameters for that component.
Fig.7 - The Details region of a selected component
If there are no suitable components in the list of part choices (in the above example, we used the part number), you can use the Search field to find equivalents. If you want to save the filtered text, click on it to move it to the Search field.
Fig.8 - Text moved to the Search field

When you begin entering text in the Search field, you will be offered suggestions in a drop-down.

Fig.9 - Search suggestions
If you are satisfied with the list of part choices, select the desired entry then click OK to add the component to the Part Choices list.

In the Components panel, the component will include two part choice entries.

Fig.10 - Updated Part Choices region
Review part choices in the schematic in the Component mode of the Properties panel.
Fig.11 - Part Choices entries in the Properties panel
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