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Altium 365 Web Viewer

Reviewing Projects in Your Web Browser

Using Altium 365 allows you to view all project files from ANYWHERE. Now there is no need to have additional software to discuss and agree on the schematics, PCB layout, and even the BOM. Simply access design data through your favorite Web Browser and get right to work reviewing project files. Provide convenient accessibility with designated permissions for ANYONE through a web browser, without requiring a license. 

To do this, use the command Show in Web Browser from the project context menu

Show in Web Browser
Fig 1 - Show in Web Browser

The web browser redirects you to the Design tab of the Online Project View. All the project schematic sheets, PCB documents, and the BOM are available for viewing here.

When you double-click an object of interest, the Properties panel will display important information.

You can view the PCB files in 2D and 3D using the corresponding buttons. In 2D mode, you can configure how layers are displayed at the bottom of the viewport.

Object display properties
Fig. 2 - 2D object display properties with selected layer
You can also use the search and the drop-down suggestion list to find design objects in the top-right corner.
Object Search Results
Fig.3 - Object Search Results

The ActiveBOM file is available for viewing in the BOM tab. There is also a search bar for better orientation in the rows and the Properties panel for viewing the information of a specific line.

Design Tab - ActiveBOM
Fig. 3 - Design Tab - BOM

The Supply tab allows you to interactively examine work-in-progress (WIP) BOM data extracted from the design documents, including entries for Manufacturer and Supplier parts data derived from a project's populated ActiveBOM document.

Supply Tab
Fig. 4 - Supply Tab

The Manufacture tab displays the output files of the Project and data about sending these files to the manufacturer. How to create output files and how to send them to the manufacturer will be discussed in the Project Release to Manufacturing Chapter.

Manufacturing Tab
Fig. 5 - Manufacturing Tab

The History tab (in Beta) allows you to browse a timeline of major events relating to the project, including its creation, commits, releases, clones, and MCAD exchanges. Each time a supported event happens in association with the project, that event is added to the timeline as a dedicated tile with various actions supported.

History Tab
Fig. 6 - History Tab


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