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Altium 365 Web Viewer

PDF in Altium 365 Web Viewer

You can view PDF documents page by page directly from Altium 365 by opening a release package. You don't need to download the document and view it in an external PDF viewer. The feature is available through the Altium 365 Workspace browser interface.

Switch to the Releases view for the required project (left-hand side menu).

Fig. 1–Releases view
Fig. 1 - Releases view

To open a release package for viewing, click the Open button. Alternatively, click the Buttonoption and choose what to view—either the complete release package or a specific assembly (variant). A project release is presented in a new browser tab.

Fig. 2–Opening a release package
Fig. 2Opening a release package

Open the release.

Fig. 3–Open the release
Fig. 3 - Open the release

Choose the PDF you want to view. Click it, and you will view the PDF in Altium 365.

Fig. 4–View the PDF
Fig. 4 - View the PDF

Info Icon inf: You will find various controls for navigating the PDF.

Fig. 5–Keys for navigating a PDF
Fig. 5 - Keys for navigating a PDF

Info Iconinf: You will find the PDF document data containing information about the PDF, like the PDF version, the author, and number of pages.

Fig. 6–PDF document data
Fig. 6 - PDF document data

You can use page thumbnails to jump quickly to a selected page or adjust the page's view.

Fig. 7–Thumbnails
Fig. 7 - Thumbnails

But if you still want to download the PDF locally, just click the download icon present next to the PDF name, and it will be saved in your downloads folder.

Fig. 8–Downloading the PDF locally
Fig. 8 - Downloading the PDF locally


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