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Working with Altium 365 Projects

Validating and Updating Component Revisions

We have already reviewed working with the revision status of a component in the Component Properties in the Schematic Editor Chapter. We can now work on updating the revision when necessary by validating component status. Component validation creates a navigable report with found errors. Note that if errors are found during the project's release, execution pauses until they are corrected.

You can set the validation requirements in the project settings:

Use Project > Project Options (Fig.1);
Fig. 1 - Project > Project Options Command
In the Error Reporting tab, set the Warning option for the following violations: Component revision has inapplicable state and Component revision is Out of Date (Warning by default) (Fig. 2).
Fig. 2 - Options Dialog
You can validate component status using the Project > Validate… command (Fig. 3).
Fig. 3 - Validate Command
The Messages panel displays information about found errors related to the component status (Fig.4).
Fig. 4 - Component Revision Inconsistencies

An ActiveBOM document allows you to add manufacturer/supplier references, as well as, perform a component search, selection, and replacement. In our case, we will perform a dynamic validation of each object in the list. Using ActiveBOM, we can control and update the revision status of all components at once.

An ActiveBOM document can include different information depending on the settings for the column display. To display the required columns, use the Select Columns... command and choose the important ones from the list of options. In our case, select Revision Status, Revision State, and Revision Applicable (Fig. 5). 
Fig. 5 - Setting Displayed Columns

Consider the columns in more detail:

  • Revision State: Component Lifecycle State
  • Revision Status: Component Status in relation to latest component Revision. (i.e., Up to date or Out of date status)
  • Revision Applicable: Indicates compliance with the Revision Status of the project (Fig.6).
Fig. 6 - ActiveBOM: Components Status

You can update revision status using Operations > Update to the Latest Revision in the ActiveBOM document (Fig.7).

Fig. 7 - Update to the Latest Revision.

You can also use the Item Manager (Tools > Item Manager) when the number of outdated component revisions is too high. However, keep in mind that the primary use of the Item Manager service is for migration from file-based libraries to Altium 365 cloud components (Fig.8).

Fig. 8 - Item Manager: Components Status.
To update the revision status, use the context menu command Update to latest revision (Fig.9).
Fig. 9 -  Update to Latest Revision
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